What's New in MyTechReports: March 2019

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Coupon Reports

We have given full refresh to our corrosion coupon reporting. Here's a walkthrough of the new report set-up.

First navigate to your coupon report template and click on Edit. (Reports > Reports > Customer/Unit > Templates Tab)

In the Edit Template menu, click on the Ranges tab. Here you will see options to select a coupon category, density, and area. Then click on the Add button to add this category to the template. Then you can add a coupon to each category.

Coupon Template

Next by clicking Add Coupon, you can create a coupon under the category that you created. Click on the Edit button for this coupon to configure this coupon.

Coupon Settings

To use the coupon template that you have created, go to Reports and create a new report. Then you will see a drop down to select one of the categories that you added to your template. After selecting a category, click on Add Row.

Coupon Report

Then you can add more coupons of the same category, or click on Edit to configure a coupon. You can enter the ID, Location, Weight In/Out, Date In/Out and Range.

Coupon Report

Water Usage Reports

We have created a new report type for our users to utilize. The Water Meter Usage Report allows you to enter you evaporation, makeup, bleed, and water costs information to analyze your Water Usage Cost.

To start a new Water Usage Report, go to Reports > Water Meter Reports. Then select a customer and unit that you would like the report to get customer info from. Then you can scroll down and fill in the data on the left side under Tower Parameters. The right side and graphic above will auto fill with calculated values.

Then at the top you have the option to Create this Water Usage Report into a PDF. Lastly, you can download or print the pdf.

Water Meter Report

Fixed Tests

We've added 2 new types of fixed tests to use in your Service Reports. To use these, go to Tests and create a new test. Select Fixed as the test type, then select a fixed test type.

Percent Blowdown

Percent Blow Down

Condensate Return

Condensate Return

Add All Permissons

MTR now has the option to set up a user group to automatically have access to all customers. This would let you give the user group full access, but you can still restrict page and feature access from the Users > User Groups page.

If you go to Users > Employees > User Permissions then you can click on the Add All button to move all customers from the left pane, into the selected right pane.


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